Partial Hospitalization For Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Kentucky

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances in the US. Kentucky hasn’t been left behind either as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report in 2018 showing that the state has the 3rd highest rate of binge drinking in the country.

Alcohol addiction develops as a result of consuming alcohol repeatedly and excessively to the point where you develop a physical and psychological dependence on having a drink to carry out your daily functions. Binge drinking, on the other hand, is defined as episodes of heavy drinking in a short amount of time.

Alcoholism has the potential to cause a range of health problems, affecting the heart, liver, kidney, and brain as well as the digestive and nervous systems. Psychological dependence on alcohol can result in several issues including depression, anxiety, interference with work and social life, among others.

Those struggling with addiction to alcohol often push away their families, friends and loved ones, making them feel alone and isolated. This, in turn, makes it harder for them to seek help so they end up drinking even more in a misguided attempt to hide from or forget their sorrows.

Left untreated, an addiction to alcohol can not only result in health problems but also adversely affect an individual’s family.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

There are many different alcohol addiction treatment programs in Kentucky. These range from the 12-step programs, inpatient and outpatient programs.

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) for alcohol addiction is a form of outpatient treatment that offers a more structured and intensive treatment regimen than typical outpatient programs. Those enrolled in a PHP are expected to adhere to a very structured schedule which includes several hours of therapy and skill-building treatment services every day. They have to commit to attending these sessions for about 4-6 hours daily, 3-5 days a week, Monday through Friday. The treatment takes place during the day and individuals are free to go back home each night.

PHPs offer in-depth treatment for behavioral health issues and are ideal for those who don’t need 24-hour supervision but still require a high level of support. These programs are also suitable as a step down from inpatient programs as individuals gradually ease themselves back to their daily lives.

What Services are Offered During Partial Hospitalization for Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Different partial hospitalization programs offer different types of treatment services for alcohol addiction. The most common ones to expect include:

  • Medically supervised detox. This involves assisting the body to get rid of the alcohol within it. Detox brings on a wide range of symptoms and needs to be done under medical supervision. The PHPs that offer detoxing do it for those with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. Those with more severe symptoms are often referred to inpatient rehabs or professional detox facilities where they’ll be given more intensive care and supervision.
  • Individual counseling. During individual therapy sessions, the person meets one-on-one with the therapist and together they work on resolving unhealthy behaviors as well as reinforcing what was learned during group therapy.
  • Group therapy. This is a key component of PHPs. Therapy is offered in a group led by a qualified therapist. Individuals get to relate with others struggling with similar situations and they also learn to interact without relying on alcohol.
  • Behavioral therapy. The focus of behavioral therapy is to unearth the negative thoughts that lead to alcohol addiction. Using methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, an individual is helped to change their behavior by identifying and replacing negative thought patterns with more positive ones.
  • Aftercare planning. This involves preparing those struggling with alcohol addiction to face life after treatment. One key area of focus is relapse prevention where they’re taken through the coping strategies they’ll need to stay sober. Additionally, they might be given contacts for sober living homes, 12-step programs, and other communities to join for support after treatment.
  • Holistic treatment. Some PHPs in Kentucky also offer holistic treatment to complement the alcoholism treatment sessions. These include art classes, yoga, equine therapy or even music therapy classes.

Who would Benefit from PHP?

Partial hospitalization might not work for everyone battling alcohol addiction. It is suitable for those who:

  • Require more support than that provided in traditional outpatient programs.
  • Need close medical supervision but don’t need to be admitted to a residential treatment program.
  • Have a robust support system at home with family and friends who are invested in helping them recover from alcoholism.
  • Have stable housing and reliable transport to get to the daily therapy sessions.
  • Are transitioning from inpatient programs.
  • Can adhere to the rigorous schedule and structure of a PHP program

You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

We at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery in Kentucky, know just how hard it is to beat alcohol addiction. It can be a long, tiring process that leaves you feeling drained and empty. But you don’t have to feel isolated and alone.

Our PHP program is designed to help you get and remain sober. We have a team of qualified and dedicated staff who will work with you to help you identify and change your behavior while educating you about the dangers of alcohol abuse. Our therapists, counselors, doctors, and psychiatrists know first-hand how devastating alcoholism can be and will walk with you every step of your recovery journey.

Additionally, our facility provides a conducive and serene healing environment. Here you’ll find all the privacy you need to work on getting your life back on the right track. We also offer clients a range of recreational and holistic treatment options because we believe that recovery should be about the mind, body and soul. You can take part in as many of these sessions as you wish.

We are ready to help you beat alcoholism. Contact us today on (502) 513-6242 to speak to one of our advisors and find out if our partial hospitalization program is right for you.